Lighthouse 216 Piece Ravensburger 3D Puzzle

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Saved for a Rainy DayPicture a vacation with the family. You've all driven to the coast to stay in a cozy little cabin. You expect your days will be filled with sandcastle building on the beach, melting ice cream cones, and piling on the sunscreen to prevent awful sunburns. Now picture this, on day two, it starts raining. What are you going to do? There are cards, of course, but after a while, all that competition is sure to start up a few arguments! Now, if that cabin was stocked with this sweet three-dimensional puzzle, you'd have a unique alternative to a 5ooth game of War. Fun DetailsThis lighthouse is just complicated enough to let the whole family work together. No need to stick to the boring two-dimensional table top. Little ones will be wowed as they see the tower get higher. And when the whole look is put together, the fun isn't over. Add three AA batteries and the LED light on top will light up and rotate, perfect for lighting up the cabin on that dark and stormy afternoon!Ocean EyesLooking for a gift for that sailor or sunset chaser in your life? Bringing beautiful landscapes to the mind, this lighthouse will most likely eat plenty of interest to anyone's puzzle collection. This is one unique way to light up leisure time!

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