50Pcs/Set Biological Glass Sample Prepared Basic Animal Plants Insects Tissues Science Specimen Cover Slips Portable Educational Microscope Slides

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Features:High hardness ABS material to storage the slides, earth friendly and breathable.Selected fresh and fine specimens from many categories, no lesion.Displayed structure, parts, organ is obvious and clear.Every slides is checked strictly by the professional to guarantee the quality of the product.The edge of the slides is polishing, without sharp edge, not easy to hurt your hand.Prepared slides of various plants, insects and animal tissues.Preserved in cedar wood fossil oil and sealed by coverslip, labeled and stored in a nice crafted wooden case.Professional prepared slides ideal for school education and collection.Major samples in basic science such as bacteria, cell, tissue of plants and animals science.One set of 50 prepared slides, including plants, insects and animal tissues, for use in biological education.Samples are sealed with a coverslip to preserve specimen and preventing contamination.Clear glass for clear viewing.Labeling delivers specific specimen identification.Slides are packed in a fitted wooden box for easy handling and preventing breakage.

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