Green Onyx & White Marble German Staunton Chess Pieces - 4" King

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We have taken the most popular Staunton chess set of all time, the German Staunton, and used it for modeling our new, exclusive collection of marble chess pieces. While most marble chess pieces are largely decorative, these marble pieces traditional Staunton pieces that players favor. Yet, the beauty of this unique chess set is a pleasure to view while just sitting awaiting the next game. The green onyx is absolutely stunning with different shades of green and red onyx mixed in. This creates beautiful colors and interesting patterns. The white marble ranges from snow white to a translucent white with light gray shades. Upgrade your current marble chess set with these pieces or put with any chess board for a unique and beautiful chess set. German Knight Staunton Design Solid Green Onyx & White Marble King Height: 4" King Base: 1.25" Chess Set Weight: approx. 6 lbs. Includes 32 Pieces

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