2 Mil Clear Reclosable Bags - 8" X 7" - 5000 Pieces = 5 Cases

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When storage and packaging comes to mind, you should think Reclosable Bags. When you ponder on how to seal freshness and obtain longevity from your goods, you should think Reclosable Bags. When you desire protection for your items and want a resource to maintain sustenance, you should try Reclosable Bags! A proven and common source of energy, these bags have been not only a tool for packaging articles such as food, clothing, accessories and toys but it’s also been a means of sustainability for air looms and memorabilia.


2 Mil Reclosable Bags are what you need for safeguarding that baseball card collection or comic book stack, those physical copies of family photos or your children’s first pair of shoes to mention a few. Besides that, 2 mil Reclosable Bags are wonderful for storing first aid supplies when hiking, fishing or camping and they also also are needed to keep your medications fresh when traveling.


Speaking of traveling, here’s a tip: boost your body oils and essentials thus you don’t ruin your clothing because these elements are prone to leak and could possibly stain your clothing. Another key feature of Reclosable Bags is their ability to enhance organization. Many high speed work environments or multi-step job assignments require individuals to use multiple parts to accomplish their daily tasks. These reclosable bags become a vital storage resource and allow workers to keep up with their necessary equipment. For your advantage, these bags are reliable, easy to use and economical; with such characteristics you’re surely prepared to succeed!

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