Pop! Movies: Alien: Covenant - Daniels Vinyl Figure

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The first GALACTIC GUARDIANWe all have the very reasonable fear that a spider-like monster might jump on our face and, later on, we'll experience a rather uncomfortable moment as it bursts out of our chest.  Thanks to a certain android, that's a fear that we all have to deal with. But, we don't have to face the fear of those xenomorphic aliens all on our own.  Even before Ripley, we had Daniels there, willing to confront those aliens face to faces and ensure that they wouldn't find their way to humanity!   FUN DETAILSThe first step is being able to look into their eyes and know that they're on the lookout for danger.  This officially licensed POP! Movies: Alien: Covenant Daniels Vinyl Figure is just the thing to help us know that wicked androids and even worse aliens aren't about to be a problem.  The extra-large head and giant calculating eyes will be a comfort in any workspace! STARING DOWN THREATS FROM THE DARKNESSHow aliens that are bigger than humans manage to hide so well is a pretty daunting fear.  Fortunately, with the right allies, you need never be surprised by their approach.  Your own personal POP! Movies Daniels figure from Aliens: Convenant is just the ticket to keeping an eye on those neo-xenomorphs!  

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