Tiger Costume For Kids

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The Eye of the TigerDoes your child have the eye of the tiger? You can tell. Kids who may have the eye of the tiger have an unmistakable ferocity about them! If you're not sure, we have a quick test that you can take to see if your child has the eye of the tiger! Just answer these questions below: Does your child devour their snack like an animal?Does your child treat their room like a jungle?Does your child make crazy animal sounds at very unexpected moments?Does your child prowl around the house... almost as if they're hunting?Does your child ever make an attempt to produce sneak attacks on you when you're not looking? If you said "yes" to any of these questions, then your child just might have the eye of the tiger... and that means that this kid's Tiger costume is perfect for your little one!Fun DetailsThis tiger costume is a made by Us design that was crafted by our expert costume designers. It starts with an ultra-soft microfleece jumpsuit that has a light orange color to recreate the look of a wild tiger. Of course, it's covered in black tiger stripes, since each and every tiger needs his stripes! The suit fits with a zipper in the back and it even has mitts attached to the sleeve cuffs. A pair of matching foot covers are included and they fit without difficulty over most pairs of shoes, so your child can wear their favorite pair of shoes with the costume. Finally, the headpiece has a pair of tiger ears on top to complete the look! It fits with ease, using a simple strap under the chin. It all combines for a look that will have your child ready to embrace their inner tiger!Go Get' Em, Tiger!If your child is as ferocious as a tiger, then it's time to get them the costume that will match! Perfect for playtime or costume parties, this tiger costume will have your child ready to embrace their eye of the tiger!

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