2400 Color Marker Pens Dual Tips Ink

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Features:12 unique colours for your selection.icolour 2400 color marker set features full and accurate color, comfortable grip and convenient to write; using alcohol based ink, low odour and environmental protection safety.Dual-tip design, easy to draw multiple lines -- 1.0mm fine tip for outlining and detail; 7.0mm oblique tip for shading and coloring.All of the marker pen (pen tip, plastic pen body, ink) are made of imported new materials, and the color difference between different batches is nearly zero, even colouring, quick drying and no decolorization, ensuring color stability.Basically virtually no chromatic aberration exists between the color of cap and the coloring drawn, it's convenient and rapid to take out the color you want.Widely used in architecture, design, advertising, animation design and professional hand-painted design; can also be used for children, students in the art class.

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