Poly Mailers - 2.5 Mil - 24" X 24" - 14400 Pieces = 72 Cases

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Secure, dependable and affordable, White Poly Mailers 2.5 Mil are effective shipping envelopes that are ideal for various delivery tasks. PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com offers superior quality poly mailers that are crafted from premium polyethylene and marketed interior bubble cushioning. These mailers provide excellent protection during shipments and are available in many sizes to suit both fagile and non-fragile items.

Wholesale Poly Mailers 2.5 Mil are a puncture resistant, tamper/water proof shipping envelope that enhances quality performance during product deliveries. Our top notch brands will sufficiently provide you; when transporting advertising and marketing materials such as magazines, catalogs, brochures and product samples. These mailers are designed to withstand various damages, their exterior polyethylene covering supplies excellent functioning qualities. Appropriate to your desired application, we offer a full catalog of sizes which enable users to ship large, small, uneven shaped or fragile products.

Poly mailers 2.5 Mil thick are a low cost shipping aid that improves profit gains and increases business opportunities. Unlike mailing tubes and corrugated boxes, these mailers will securely deliver your items while at the same time, enhance profit percentages. Able to endure through brutal handling and bad weather conditions, these mailers will attract new customers, solidify current business endeavors and satisfy all potential clients. Available in all standard proportions, you can save big and grow your business by choosing these mailers today!

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