The Sweetest Standard To Cambodia

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- Pack of roasted almonds 43 gr;- Pack of roasted pistachios 40 gr;- Pack of Beef Jerkey 81 gr;- Pack of gourmet elmer rice snacks 150 gr;- Pack of white cheddar popcorn 250 gr;- Pack of pepper water crackers 125 gr;- Box of Original Pringles chips 125 gr;- Pack of Nutter Butter peanut butter sandwich cookies 85 gr;- Pack or hard candies 75 gr;- Snickers milk chocolate bar 53 gr;- Twix milk chocolate bar 51 gr;- Dove milk chocolate bar 94 gr;- KitKat Crisp Wafers covered with milk chocolate 42 gr;- Pack of Oreo cookies 226 gr;- M&M's 60 gr;- Skittles 100 gr;- Starburst candies 59 gr;- Gift Wrapping;- Greeting Card.

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