Bidder Up! Family Board Game

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CAN'T SAY NAY To this GAMEIf you love to bargain, bid and bluff then you came to the right place! The Bidder Up! board game allows you to do all three. Ten different auctions take place around the double-sided game board while you decide whether to sell or buy barnyard animals. No longer have any use for your spotted milk cow? Auction her off as well as make some extra money, but auction, bid and buy wisely because a strategic set collection is the objective of this game. The person at the end of the game with the most valuable set of critters is the winner! Although, there is another way to play. Just flip the board game over and now you can manipulate the value of each animal. One game that can be played two different ways is a clever way to keep the family busy so you may want to bid on this game now before it's too late. FUN DETAILS Calling throughout the animal lovers! This is one game you'll want to get your paws on. Suitable for ages 10 and above, this set collection style game is a fun way to compete with your family. Whoever has the most valuable set of critters at the end, wins! TAKE MY MONEY!  Does your family love to pass the time with set collection style games? Great! Stock your game closet full of' em!

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