Square Jumble Mat Silicone Sugar Mold (Plus 4 Inclusions)

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Just like the other JumbleMats but in square form, this mat is perfect when you need to keep your lines clean and angles sharp. Simply reposition the moveable inserts to make hundreds of different geometric shapes. Perfect for amenities or showpieces, JumbleMats are the ultimate tool for making building blocks. Casting tips: To square up your casting mat, set the exterior of the JumbleMat against the interior of a metal carpenter's square. Or, if you don't want straight lines, stretch the mat on its diagonal to warp the squares into contoured parallelograms. Exterior of mat is approximately 11" tall x 16¼" wide x ½" thick (approximately 28 cm tall x 41 cm wide x 1 cm thick; 50 % sheet pan). Largest square is 5" Made of food-contact-safe silicone. Wash before use. Do not heat above 450°F / 232°C.

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