Eagle Costume And Mask

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The Eagle has Landed!Take flight as this mighty eagle for Halloween and be one of the most majestic creatures known to mankind. Besides the North American Raccoon, also known as the ‘trash panda&rsquo ;, there is no creature more beloved in all the world (according to a recent poll we took at our office the other day). Others may dress up as vampires, zombies, and all sorts of other monsters on Halloween but you’ll fly high above the rest with this Eagle Costume and Mask. After all, practically nothing flies higher than the king of the skies!Be a living embodiment of patriotism once you toss on this regal ensemble. Soar through the skies and spread hope and liberty. Wherever you spread your wings, you’ll inspire plenty of others to spread their own and take a leap of faith! Now, if you have the sudden urge to let out a powerful ‘caw’ we would suggest imitating the red-tailed hawk instead. You see, the actual call of a bald eagle sounds rather squeaky, like a porch swing swaying in the wind… not exactly the most majestic or empowering sound in the world.A Regal Eagle DesignThe black flannel jumpsuit fastens with Velcro strips at the center back. Black faux fur is on the back of the wings and a white faux fur tail is attached to the back. The attached lower legs are gold interlock. The molded latex full-head mask has a collar made of white faux fur and there are small eye openings in the beak of the mask.Get Your Patriotism On!Transform into a great bird of prey with this Eagle Costume and Mask for Halloween or any number of patriotic holidays. Soar around the beach on the 4th of July or Memorial Day. Feel the wind tickle your feathers on flag Day or Perch in the highest tree on Presidents Day. Heck, any day you think that blaring a few Country music and waving around an American flag, this is the outfit to do it in!

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