Front Pilot Assembly; 3/16" X 7 1/4" X 3 3/8"

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Description: FRONT PILOT ASSEMBLY, 3/16" DIA. x 7-1/4" OVERALL LENGTH x 3-3/8" UP AT PILOT HEAD. VULCAN RANGE SERIES 77, SG77 (4 & 6 BURNER) Replaces the following Manufacturer's Products OEM Numbers are used for reference only. OEM Names OEM # VULCAN HART 00-421573-000G3 HOBART 00-412070-00002 HOBART 00-412071-000G1 HOBART 00-421573-000G3 HOBART 112070-2 HOBART 112071-G1 HOBART 121573-G3 HOBART 412070-00002 HOBART 412070-2 HOBART 412071-000G1 HOBART 412071-G1 HOBART 421573-000G3 HOBART 421573-G3 VULCAN HART 00-412070-00002 VULCAN HART 00-412071-000G1 VULCAN HART 112070-2 VULCAN HART 112071-G1 VULCAN HART 121573-G3 VULCAN HART 412070-00002 VULCAN HART 412070-2 VULCAN HART 412071-000G1 VULCAN HART 412071-G1 VULCAN HART 421573-000G3 VULCAN HART 421573-G3

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