Harry Potter Ron Weasley Doll

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"Red hair, and a hand-me-down robe? You need to be a Weasley." During The Chamber of Secrets, Ron breaks his wand while fighting with the Whomping Willow after crashing into it in his father's blue Ford Anglia. We will never forget all the mishaps caused by that broken wand, especially him belching slugs. Ron's iconic broken wand features in this Harry Potter Ron Weasley Doll. (This is all before he gets a brand new wand in Diagon Alley in the third book/movie—14 inches long, Willow, containing one unicorn tail hair. Thank goodness.) Loyal Ron is an essential member of the HP crew, one of the Golden Trio. We can't imagine our HP fandom collectibles without this 10.5-inch tall posable Ron, waving his troublesome wand in the air and smiling nonetheless.

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